Sometimes, due to our busy lives, it’s not possible for us to train with a group. We may work full-time, have child care responsibilities or just prefer to go out at times to suit our day. I understand this.

Much of my early training was done alone. I actually trained for every distance up to half marathon alone. I used lots of websites and books for advice. It was only when I got bored, and wanted to pace myself off other people during my training – and meet like minded people of course – that I joined a club.

I am a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) with experience in my own training ad working with adult runners looking to train for distances from 5K to marathon. I want to work with people to make their running goals come true – no matter what their ability.

If you are interested in learning to run, or want to increase your fitness, ability or train for a specific race distance – and want to work with me on a one-to-one basis – get in touch for a no obligation discussion.

Services covered include individual profiling (where are you now), pre training schedule testing, objective setting, plan creation, weekly/monthly check ins, one-to-one run support and much more.