Feel the fear and do it anyway…

So, for many of the Stroud women who have signed up to commence their running journey with me, the nerves are starting to kick in.

Questions such as ‘what if I’m too fat/can’t run/I’m not fit enough/will hold everyone up?’ are real fears for many of you. You’re worried. Wondering if you’ve made the right decision….

You even thought about pulling out haven’t you? C’mon, you can be honest with me.

I want to tell you, your fears are natural. You’re embarking on a new journey. A new form of excercise that will not only challenge you – in a gentle way of course – physically, but also mentally too. It’s Ok to be worried but,  please remember, on Friday there will be at least 20 other women feeling exactly the same way.

In the words of the late and great Michael Jackon ‘you are not alone’.

Over the next 10 weeks, you’ll experience the magic of running with other women, sharing experiences as yo learn more about running, your body and your mind every week. The fear will pass quickly and the excitement – and belief in yourself – will gain momentum. Trust me.

Over the next few weeks, and due to direct communication with you, I will be launching a Q&A page. Here both myself and other trusted coaches and experts will answer questions that you have about your experience. Please submit questions through our Facebook page, Twitter or our website.

See you soon 🙂

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